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President of the European Parliament visits Art Store Malta

Roberta Metsola and Art Store Malta's Laura Swale
Roberta Metsola with Art Store Malta's Laura Swale

Roberta Metsola's visit to Art Store Malta

The team at Art Store Malta is honoured to have welcomed President of the European Parliament, the Hon. Dr Roberta Metsola, during her visit to Attard & Co (A&Co) last week.

In this post we share photos of Roberta Metsola's visit to Art Store Malta and hear from Dr Metsola herself about her time with us. We also reveal the century-old European partnership behind Art Store Malta.

Roberta Metsola pictured with the A&Co group of companies
Roberta Metsola pictured with staff and directors of the A&Co group of companies

Roberta Metsola on her visit to A&Co

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Attard & Co, a Maltese success story that has serviced Maltese clients for generations.

The European Parliament is determined to bring European decision-making closer to the people it represents and to listen to what people and businesses need from their Europe. 

It was particularly interesting to learn more about the operations of Art Store Malta - an aspirational brand on a mission to champion local artists.

The European Union is committed to doing what we can to promote and support the arts in Malta and around the rest of Europe."

Dr Metsola also wrote a Facebook post, translated in part below.

"In Malta and Gozo we are proud to have workers and business owners who have great skills. Together with the workers and management of the A&Co group of companies, I had the chance to listen to their challenges and experiences, and to discuss how Europe can help lead reforms (...) so that our businesses have the best incentives to create jobs and to ensure we translate their enthusiasm into investment and economic growth."

Roberta Metsola chats with Laura Swale and A&Co director Hugh Arrigo
Roberta Metsola chats with Laura Swale and A&Co's Hugh Arrigo

Attard & Co - established in 1921

Attard & Co (A&Co) is the group of companies behind Art Store Malta. A&Co is a traditional Maltese family business established in 1921.

A century-old European partnership

"Although the Art Store Malta website only launched in 2023, artist materials is one of A&Co's first and longest-standing import businesses, dating back around a century" explains Art Store Malta's Laura Swale. "Art Store Malta is merely the latest chapter in the story of A&Co's enduring partnership with Dutch brand Royal Talens."

"As we look forward to taking our business into new territory, it's reassuring to hear from Dr Metsola that the European Parliament is listening to the challenges faced by Maltese companies operating in an international context."

Art Store Malta spotlights local artists

"We are very motivated to build on this remarkable history by actively collaborating with local artists to showcase contemporary art in Malta and Gozo. Art Store Malta is about creativity, growth, aspiration and innovation. Our goal is to stimulate exciting new art by nurturing local artists, encouraging them to be generous with their knowledge and giving them the best tools for the job. Art Store Malta is always on the lookout for new, original artists and we welcome contact."

Roberta Metsola pictured with A&Co's Benjamin and Hugh Arrigo
Roberta Metsola pictured with father and son Benjamin and Hugh Arrigo of A&Co

History and legacy

A&Co is keen to preserve its history while building a meaningful legacy.

"Europe has historically placed much importance in art, culture and music and Art Store Malta is privileged to have welcomed Dr Metsola this past week" says A&Co's Hugh Arrigo. Together with his son, company director Benjamin Arrigo, he pledges the family's commitment to a generous, prosperous and creative future. "A&Co and Art Store Malta will continue to invest time, money and resources to ensure future generations will benefit, as have those before us, over the one hundred year period since A&Co was established."

About Art Store Malta

Art Store Malta is driven by the creativity and aspirations of local artists, who are firmly at the heart of everything we do. If you are a professional, student or hobby artist, when it comes to quality, choice and value for money, we can supply art materials which will exceed your expectations.

If you're just discovering us, watch the video below or click here for a quick intro.

Art Store Malta is currently an online-only store, but we deliver throughout Malta and Gozo. Alternatively you can collect your order in person from our distribution hub at A&Co's headquarters at the Canter Business Centre in Marsa.

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