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Acrylic - do you use the most popular art medium?

Acrylic - the most popular art medium

Acrylic paint is overall the most popular art medium among artists in Malta and Gozo. Check out our acrylics video on Youtube (or above) to see some local acrylic artists and their work.

Do you use any of our acrylic paint brands?

Would you like to be part of Art Store Malta's online presence?

Artists of Malta and Gozo, show us your acrylic art

You are invited - show us your acrylic artwork!

Art Store Malta is looking for outstanding acrylic artwork created with our historic paint brands to showcase you, our local artists, and what can be achieved with these quality art materials.

We invite you to email us pictures of yourself with your best acrylic artworks, either completed or in progress. If you have video, even better!

At Art Store Malta we know that art-lovers and fellow artists want to see the artist as well as the work itself. So please make sure you're in the photo!

A selection of your photos or video clips will be shared publicly as part of Art Store Malta’s videos or other content on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, or through our blog and mailshots. By sending them you give permission for their use.

Don't forget to tell us which of our acrylic paint brands you used to create the artwork and why exactly you like the paint so much. We may also use your quotes on our website or marketing materials, but we'll credit you of course.

Email Art Store Malta at

We look forward to seeing your work!

Acrylic colour at Art Store Malta

For a wide range of acrylic colours check out the Art Store Malta website.

Besides student and artist quality acrylic paints, we also offer the Amsterdam all acrylics full range, including acrylic markers, acrylic inks, relief paint and spray paint.

We also offer tools, supports and accessories such as acrylic brushes, palette knives, shapers, scrapers, nozzles for bottles, acrylic paper, stretched canvas and canvas board and auxiliaries such as mediums, primers and varnishes.

About Art Store Malta

If you're just discovering us, watch the video below or click here for a quick intro to Art Store Malta.

Art Store Malta is online-only for now, but we deliver throughout Malta and Gozo or you can collect your order in person.

Art Store Malta logo

Quality art materials. Trusted brands. Unbeatable prices.


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