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Back to school!

Back to school, college, uni or evening classes?

It's that time of year! Kids go back to school and students of all ages go back to class. So whether you have school-age children or it's you who's the student, we hope you and your loved-ones are rested, refreshed and raring to go.

Some of our earliest memories of school are of drawing and painting. Art is fun and helps us develop, but with time, encouragement and good quality art materials, it can become a passion, or even a career.

The academic year is about to begin, but before the new term starts, we can help you find art and crafts supplies everyone will love.

Art Store Malta - at your service!

Art materials for everyone

For a taster of what's available check out our Back to school video.

For the complete selection, visit the Art Store Malta website. Here you'll find everything from basic art supplies for children to professional quality painting and drawing supplies for fully-fledged artists.

Photos of children making art

Art materials available at Art Store Malta

What do we have?

Acrylic paints, watercolour, oil, water-based oils, gouache, spray paint, relief paint and paint for kids. Drawing materials such as pencils, pens, markers, brush pens, charcoal, inks and pastels. Brushes and painting tools including palette knives, rollers, sponges, scrapers and shapers. Paper, canvas, sketchbooks and pads. Accessories from palettes, erasers, sharpeners and pipettes to portfolios and manikins. Studio easels, tripod easels, box easels, table easels and field easels. Auxiliaries such as mediums, oils, primers, solvents, varnishes, fixatives and adhesives. Deco and crafts supplies including metallic, chalk and blackboard paints, decoupage and beton paste and printmaking colour. Glass and porcelain paints and relief liners, textile colour, tie dye and silk dye.

Art materials categories at Art Store Malta

If you need help - get in touch!

For help or advice, contact us through the Art Store Malta Facebook page or message us using the chat function (bottom right) on the Art Store Malta website.

The September art materials giveaway

Finally, in case you missed our previous post, there's still time to be in with a chance of winning €100 to spend on art materials at Art Store Malta!

Check out our Facebook post to find out more.

Good luck and let's get creative!

Art Store Malta logo

Quality art materials. Trusted brands. Unbeatable prices.


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