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This Talens Art Creation oil pastel set of 36 colours offers a great variety of colours to create various drawings with. Save time on mixing custom colours with the extensive colour selection of this set! The pastels come in convenient packaging with a plastic tray and a cardboard sleeve to keep them neat and organised, so they are great to have in your studio or to take with you. 
The oil pastels are also available in sets of 12 and 24 colours.
Contents: 36 pastels 
100 White, 292 Naples Yellow Red Light, 224 Naples Yellow Red, 201 Light Yellow, 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary), 200 Yellow, 202 Deep Yellow, 235 Orange, 311 Vermilion, 398 Naphthol Red Light, 318 Carmine, 337 Magenta, 361 Light Rose, 316 Venetian Rose, 545 Red Violet, 546 Red Violet Light, 507 Ultramarine Violet, 535 Cerulean Blue (Phthalo), 504 Ultramarine, 505 Ultramarine Light, 570 Phthalo Blue, 508 Prussian Blue, 640 Bluish Green, 679 Bluish Green Light, 617 Yellowish Green, 662 Permanent Green, 602 Deep Green, 623 Sap Green, 620 Olive Green, 227 Yellow Ochre, 407 Deep Ochre, 409 Burnt Umber, 411 Burnt Sienna, 727 Bluish Grey, 707 Mouse Grey, 700 Black
Talens Art Creation water-soluble oil pastels are creamy oil pastels that apply smoothly and blend easily, just like regular oil pastels. The difference, though, is that besides applying them directly to paper, you can mix these pastels with water to create even smoother colour transitions and to make the intense colours more transparent for a watercolour effect.
Apply water to (parts of) your paper using a wet brush, wet the pastels before applying them or use a wet brush to deposit colour directly from the pastel onto the paper. Create even colours by smoothing the texture of already applied dry oil pastel marks with a wet brush for seamless colour blending and transitions.

Water-Soluble Oil Pastel Set | 36 colours

SKU: TA9029136M
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