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This convenient set contains 12 colours of Cobra Study oil paints in tubes of 20 ml. 
Contents: 12 x 20 ml 
Titanium White 105, Primary Yellow 275, Permanent Yellow Medium 284, Vermilion 311, Pyrrole Red 315, Primary Magenta 369, Ultramarine 504, Primary Cyan 572, Permanent Green Deep 619, Yellow Ochre 227, Burnt Sienna 411, Burnt Umber 409
Cobra Study is a water-mixable oil paint that offers the same fantastic results as traditional oil paints, without having to use harmful solvents. Cobra Study is made with the same high-quality pigments, and yet, with Cobra Study you can paint at an affordable price. This is because we offer only a selected number of colours and use less pigments that are not as finely milled as those used in the Cobra Artist series.
Can be mixed and cleaned with water.
Created with high-quality pigments.
Affordable alternative of the Cobra Artist series.
Available in 40 semi-transparent, semi-opaque and opaque colours with the highest degree of lightfastness (+++).
Cobra can be used in conjunction with traditional oils and when mixed at a ratio of Cobra 4:1, the mixture will retain its ability to be thinned and cleaned with water.

Study Oil Colour Set | 12 x 20 ml

SKU: TA25820412
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