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Amsterdam spray paints, unlike regular spray paints, are ideal for studio use due to their water-based formula. The fine dispersion of the paint ensures a consistent release of intense colours to easily create even layers, beautiful colour transitions and other special effects.
Made with high-quality, lightfast pigments.
Low-odour, water-based and solvent-free formula that becomes waterproof and permanent when dry.
Extensive range of 94 colours in a great variety of opacity, including reflective and metallic shades.
Separate caps available for different spray widths.
Perfect for even layers, colour transitions, gradients, overlaying and wet-on-wet techniques
Easy to use and adheres to virtually any slightly porous surface, including canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, stone and cement.
Proudly crafted in Europe.
Amsterdam spray paint in Burnt Sienna (411) is a semi-opaque colour with very good lightfastness (++).

Spray Paint 400 ml Burnt Sienna 411

SKU: TA17164110
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