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Talens Ecola poster paint is an intensely coloured paint, especially developed to help you learn how to mix colours. The paints are opaque, easy to use and can be thinned using water, which means hands and brushes can easily be cleaned with soap and water after use. Ecola is available in convenient glass jars (16 ml) and larger squeeze bottles (250 ml). Since the paint is so intensely coloured, it is economical in use; a little goes a long way. All Talens Ecola colours meet European toy safety standards.
Contents: 6 x 16 ml bottles 
100 White, 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary), 359 Tyrian Rose (Magenta), 501 Light Blue (Cyan), 602 Deep Green, 700 Black

Poster Paint Set Primary Colours | 6 x 16 ml

SKU: TA09791609
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