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This oil colour set of 8 x 12 ml tubes offers a great basic palette of colours to create various paintings with. 
With their convenient size, these tubes are ideal to have in your studio or to take with you while you travel. 
Talens Art Creation also offers sets of 12 and 24 tubes and a starter set with everything you need to begin your oil painting journey. 
Contents: 8 x 12 ml tubes 
105 Titanium White, 200 Yellow, 318 Carmine, 504 Ultramarine, 662 Permanent Green, 227 Yellow Ochre, 409 Burnt Umber, 701 Ivory Black
About Talens Art Creation oil colours
Talens Art Creation oil colour is a versatile type of paint that you can use both thin and very pasty. The paint is made of pigments and vegetable oil and offers intense colours and it is available in 40 ml and 200 ml tubes.These oil colours are suitable for all oil painting techniques, such as wet on wet, layered painting and glazing.
Oil paints are known for their slow drying time. This means the paint allows you to continue correcting and painting for a long time, it dries exactly as applied with sharp brush strokes and no volume loss or change in colour. With oil colours, you know exactly what the end result will be!

Oil Colour Set | 8 x 12 ml

SKU: TA9020108M
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