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It all started with the iconic square Ecoline bottle. This well-known bottle has since been switched to a round bottle, of course without compromising the quality you’ve come to expect from us. This round bottle has the same stability and wide opening, so you can work straight out of the bottle using a brush or pen. Additionally, the bottle is fitted with a handy pipette that allows you to easily dose Ecoline into mixing trays or straight onto your artwork. The transparent colours offer the best results when used on white or very light-coloured paper.
Ecoline bottles
Brilliant liquid watercolours based on dye and gum arabic.
Convenient, stable bottle with a wide opening.
Use straight out of the bottle with a brush or pen, or apply directly to your artwork using the pipette.
Blend colours with water and a brush for beautiful watercolour effects and seamless colour transitions.
Apply to wet paper for wet-on-wet techniques.
Adheres well to watercolour paper, drawing paper and cardboard.
Store your artworks in a portfolio for optimal colour retention.

Liquid Watercolour 30 ml Pastel Violet 579

SKU: TA11255791
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