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This Gutta Silk Liner with masking fluid from Talens Art Creation is a transparent liner that you can apply before using Textile Silk dyes to prevent dyes from flowing into one another. Once dry, the masking fluid repels the dye on the applied areas. Wash the masking fluid off with water after dyeing. Gutta Silk Liners are also available in 3 colours to create 3D accents with. Create the most intricate designs on fabric with these handy liners!
How to use:
For the best results, pre-wash the fabric item without fabric softener and let it dry completely.
Apply the liner to the fabric directly from the tube and let it dry for 30 minutes.
Now you can apply Textile Silk dyes to the desired areas without the colours bleeding into each other.
Fix the dye using an iron (on silk/cotton setting) with protective paper (such as parchment paper) between the fabric and the iron.
After heat setting, the item will be washable up to 104 °F/40 °C and suitable for the dryer. Let the item dry completely and enjoy your new custom design!
Wash the fabric without fabric softener before you paint it. The masking fluid is activated when fixated by ironing. To fixate the painting, cover the motif with greaseproof paper and iron for 5 min. at silk temperature. The masking fluid is washed off with water afterwards.

Gutta Silk Liner 28 ml Shiny Silver 8015

SKU: TA425280150
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