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Set of 12 intense colours. 
Cray-Pas Expressionist of Sakura is superior oil pastel chalk with intense colours. This set contains the 12 basic shades of the Cray-Pas rich colour palette, ideal for making portraits, landscapes, abstract works of art and other creations. The oil pastel chalk is soft and easy to apply on various surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, plastic and stone. This way you can even imitate the effect of oil colours. The oil pastel chalk is fine-art quality and your sketches and drawings will remain beautiful for a long time. 
About Cray-Pas
In 1925 Sakura discovered and patented a revolutionary colour product called Cray-Pas, a soft oil pastel chalk with intense colours that is easy to use. It was a global breakthrough in colour, and after almost a century, Cray-Pas is still the most important oil pastel for children and artists around the world. The quality of Cray-Pas is undeniable, due to its balanced colour range, coverage, unique pigments and ease of application.

Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastel Set | 12 colours

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