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Behold the beauty of splendid colours in pencil format! Van Gogh artist pencils are uniquely formulated with lightfast pigments. The barrels are made from responsibly forested cedar wood; a soft wood that is easy to sharpen. Experience the intense colours with easy laydown and transfer. 
This 36-piece tin set of coloured pencils includes the following colours: 
Naples Yellow Light (222), Permanent Lemon Yellow (254), Permanent Yellow Light (283), Permanent Yellow Medium (284), Permanent Yellow Deep (285), Flesh Tint (374), Orange (235), Permanent Red Light (370), Scarlet (334), Permanent Red Purple (348), Lilac (556), Permanent Red Violet Light (577), Permanent Violet Medium (537), Permanent Blue Violet (568), Ultramarine Violet (507), Phthalo Blue Red (583), Ultramarine (504), Sky Blue Light (551), Sky Blue (527), King's Blue (517), Turquoise Blue (522), Turquoise Green (661), Sevres Green Deep (659), Viridian (616), Permanent Green Light (618), Permanent Yellowish Green (633), Yellow Ochre (227), Raw Sienna (234), Light Oxide Red (339), Caput Mortuum Red (343), Olive Green (620), Vandyke Brown (403), Cold Grey Light (738), Cold Grey Light (738), Bluish Grey (727), Ivory Black (701).

Coloured Pencil Advanced Set | 36 colours

SKU: TA97730036
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