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This set contains 30 Ecoline brush pens. in various vivid shades, the perfect addition to the basic sets to create a complete colour palette. The brush pen is characterized by its flexible tip and extensive range of brilliant colours thanks to its pure, dye-based formula. The transparent colours offer the best results when used on white or very light-coloured paper. If you wish, you can easily decrease the colour intensity through thinning with water or using the Brush Pen blender (available separately). These pens are perfect for hand lettering, watercolour drawings, quick sketches and finishing touches.
Contents: 30 Brush Pens 
226 Pastel Yellow, 259 Sand Yellow, 258 Apricot, 231 Gold Ochre, 245 Saffron Yellow, 390 Pastel Rose, 361 Light Rose, 350 Fuchsia, 579 Pastel Violet, 381 Pastel Red, 580 Pastel Blue, 551 Sky Blue Light, 505 Ultramarine Light, 640 Bluish Green, 661 Turquoise Green, 654 Fir Green, 533 Indigo, 666 Pastel Green, 665 Spring Green, 676 Grass Green, 657 Bronze Green, 374 Pink Beige, 420 Beige, 439 Sepia Light, 728 Warm Grey Light, 738 Cold Grey Light, 704 Grey, 706 Deep Grey, 441 Mahogany, 440 Sepia Deep
Brilliant colours based on dye and gum arabic.
Convenient pen with flexible brush tip.
Blend colours with water and a brush for beautiful watercolour effects and seamless colour transitions.
Apply to wet paper for wet-on-wet techniques.
Adheres well to watercolour paper, drawing paper and cardboard.
Store horizontally so the dye stays evenly distributed throughout the pen.
Bring dried out nibs back to life by moistening them with some water.
Store your artworks in a portfolio for optimal colour retention.

Brush Pen Set Additional | 30 colours

SKU: TA11509006
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