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An acrylic medium is indispensable for a great end result. Amsterdam acrylic medium adds acrylic resin to your paint to optimally protect the pigments and to help you easily spread your paint, while retaining the durability of the paint film. Your paint will last longer since it’s easier to distribute, so you can cover more of your surface with the same amount of paint. Adding more of this medium will result in higher transparency of the colour.
Available in glossy and matt finishes.
Increases flexibility of the paint film.
Does not affect the drying time of the paint.
Milky white when wet, dries colourless and transparent.
Waterproof when dry.
Clean utensils with water after use.
Shake well before use.
Apply at temperatures above 10°C.
Do not freeze.

Acrylic Medium Matt 117 | 75 ml

SKU: TA24283117
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