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This Talens Art Creation medium allows you to transfer photos from an ordinary laser printer to surfaces such as canvas, wooden blocks and stones. This medium can also be used as a lacquer or strong glue for papier mâché, collages, decoupage (no napkins) or to glue small objects such as shells or pearls onto surfaces like canvas. For decorative purposes only.
How to transfer images:
Apply a layer of the transfer medium on the printed side of your laser-printed image or on the surface you will be working on. Note that the image will be mirrored when transferred, so if you want to work with text, don’t forget to mirror the image first. Put the printed side of the paper down onto the surface you’re working on, press down firmly and carefully rub away any air bubbles. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Moisten the paper with water using a moist cloth or sponge. Use your fingers or a cloth to rub off all the paper, to reveal the transferred image. When the image has dried completely, a white film appears which cannot be rubbed off. Apply a layer of the transfer medium to the image and the film will disappear.

Varnish / Transfer Medium | 250 ml

SKU: TA480690210
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