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This matt varnish from Talens provides durable protection for oil paintings (final varnish).
Apply when paint film has completely dried (approx. 1 year with normal layer thickness).
When applying with a brush do so in one layer and in one direction.
Dries in a few hours.
Does not yellow.
Varnish in bottle gives a satin gloss, varnish in spray can is matter.
The degree of gloss is increased when mixed with Picture Varnish Gloss 002.
Can be thinned with turpentine.
Clean brushes with white spirit or turpentine.
Dry varnish coats can be removed with white spirit or turpentine.
If the contents become cloudy, place bottle in warm water.
Composition bottle: synthetic resin, turpentine oil, waxes.

Picture Varnish Matt 003 | 250 ml

SKU: TA24305003
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