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Did you know you can use traditional glazing techniques with acrylic paint as well? Amsterdam glazing medium allows you to add those even, transparent layers to your work. This medium makes your paint smoother, easier to spread and more even (without visible brush strokes). The medium is self-leveling, so it helps you create those beautiful glazing layers to achieve an optical colour mixing effect with the colours of the underlying layers. Glazing works especially well with transparent colours in the final layers of your painting. Adding a medium also makes the paint film even more elastic and flexible.
Amsterdam glazing medium:
Available in glossy and matt finishes.
Mix with transparent colours for an optimal glazing effect.
Milky white when wet, dries colorless and transparent.
Shake well before use.
Slightly reduces drying time.
Increases the flexibility of the paint film.
Can be thinned with a small amount of water.
Waterproof when dry.
Clean utensils with water.
Apply at temperatures above 10° C and store free of frost.

Glazing Medium Matt 017 | 75 ml

SKU: TA24283017
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