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Van Gogh carré pastels are a hard, square drawing pastel stick that is excellent for large area coverage when used on its side or for detailed work when using its corners and edges. These are dry pastels but are very sturdy sticks. The colours feature good lightfastness ratings for colour retention. These can also be used with water for watercolour effects. Easy to clean up when you are done. This range is currently available in sets only.
This 12-stick general selection set includes the following colours: White (100.5), Lemon Yellow (205.5), Deep Yellow (202.5), Vermillion (311.5), Carmine (318.5), Phthalo Blue (570.5), Ultramarine (504.5), Permanent Green Light (618.5), Permanent Green Deep (619.5), Yellow Ochre (227.5), Burnt Umber (409.5), Black (700.5).

Carré Pastel Starter Set | 12 colours

SKU: TA90820012
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